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7 Things to Do in Thessaloniki

Although I travel to Greece every year, I have never stayed in Thessaloniki for more than one night. Usually, we land at the airport and then take our rental car right away. This year I had the chance to stay for a couple of days and I totally enjoyed being in this vibrant city.

Thessaloniki is not the most beautiful city you will visit, but there are a lot of things to do and see, that you won't find somewhere else! :-) So here is a list of 7 things you have to do while you are there!

1 White Tower
Hard to believe that the city's symbol once was a prison. Located by the sea you have a wonderful view over the water and the city.

2 Ano Poli
The Upper or Old Town of Thessaloniki will make you feel like you are in a different time period. Get lost in those beautiful little old streets and search for the Little Big House where you can enjoy a nice coffee or hot chocolate. (You can also stay the night there!)

3 Listen to Rempetiko
One of the most memorable things you can possibly do in Thessaloniki is to have authentic Greek food and listen to some live rempetiko. Rempetiko is a Greek music genre that came back to live. We were at a place called Rosiniol and the atmosphere was incredible - a bouzouki, a guitar and two men singing wihtout a microphone while enjoying delicious Greek food... What do you want more?

4 Walk by the sea
Thessaloniki can be very hectic. A walk by the sea is perfect to get some air. And make sure to stop at the Dentrospito (Treehouse) for a coffee or a drink!

5 Coffee time
In Thessaloniki (well, in Greece generally) it is all about coffee-time! So go and enjoy your coffee! 

6 Tsimiski
Well, you will eventually need a litte tourist break and go for a shopping spree while you are there. The Tsimiski Street is for sure the best address for that.

7 Visit a muesum
I really liked the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Arts. There was a Yoko Ono Exhibition at that time and a room where people could write down wishes and more.

In general you can explore the city by walking, which I think is awesome! There are also busses that bring you everywhere you need. And if you should get lost - don't worry! You will somehow find your way back to one of the main streets (Agiou Dimitriou, Egnatia, Tsimiski and Leof. Nikis).

Happy day everyone! :-) And if you are in Thessaloniki - HAVE FUN!


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